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Central Transdanubia (Közép-Dunántúl)

In Central Transdanubia, Hungary you'll encounter a fascinating combination of royal cities, tiny villages snuggling in valleys, divine wines, culinary delights and natural treasures

Central Transdanubia Hungary


Top attractions in Central Transdanubia
Active Recreation
Major Events in Central Transdanubia
Wine Regions


Map of Central Transdanubia

Three counties make up this region:

  • Fejér,

  • Veszprém, and

  • Komárom-Esztergom County



Top Attractions in Central Transdanubia


Somlo Hungary

The region lies between Lake Balaton and the Danube with Lake Velence between the two.

Wooded hills and valleys of the Bakony and Vértes, gentle slopes lined with grapevines in Balatonfelvidék (Balaton Upland) and on Somló Hill make the landscape varied.


Major Cities & Settlements

Once a cradle of Hungary's foundation the area has two royal cities Székesfehérvár and Veszprém. In fact Veszprém is titled the Town of Queens after Gizella, wife of Hungary's first king St Stephen (-1038), who established a the country's first cathedral here.

In the Middle Ages Székesfehérvár functioned as royal residence, coronation and burial place of Hungarian Kings for more than 500 years.

Historic sights in downtown, the cathedral, churches and chapels, ruins, architecture, and museums help the visitor recapture the atmosphere of old times.


Tata Castle Hungary An old Renaissance castle (called Öregvár in Hungarian that indeed translates to old castle), springs and two lakes, an English park and a narrow gauge railway makes Tata one of the most romantic towns of Hungary.


Zirc boasts with a medieval abbey founded by the Cistercian order and a botanic garden with some old trees, bushes and other plants.

Central Transdanubia is not only the cradle of Hungary's history but it played important role in the evolution of mankind.

Traces and remains of the Prehistoric man in Europe discovered in Vértesszőlős are one of the oldest of the kind in the world. The archaeological findings: a preserved footprint, fossils are exhibited in the museum and you can also see the excavation site.

The small town of Pápa has many cultural sights: churches, museums, baroques houses and the palace built by the Eszterházy family in 1784. In the thermal bath complex you can enjoy a range of recreational, health and fitness facilites.



Sümeg Castle Hungary

Sümeg's most notable attraction is the fortress which is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Hungary.

It hosts a variety of events: medieval jousting tournaments, exhibitons, theatrical performances.


Industrial Heritage

Herend Porcelain

In Central Transdanubia you'll find world-famous examples of Hungarian arts and craftwork. In the procelain manufacture and museum in Herend you can watch the brilliant handmade porcelains in the making.

In the Crystal Museum in Ajka you can learn about the history of glass manufacturing and see coloured crystal works made in the factory.

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Active Recreation in Central Transdanubia


Lake Velence Hungary Whether you want to go fishing, sailing, kayaking, rowing, wakebording or just lying on the beach and enjoying the sunshine, you can do all these things at Lake Velence. Reedbed islands and marshlands provide habitat for numerous protected animals and plants. You can go for bird-watching at Dinnyés. Some sport events of international importance also take place at Lake Velence: fishing competition, rowing championship.


The wooded hills of Bakony, Vértes or Gerecse are excellent for hiking or hunting. The forests give home to deer, wild boar, mouflon and to lots of bird species.

The varied landscape of tree-covered slopes, misty valleys, karst formations, caves and old fortress ruins account for the wildly romantic feel in this areas.

A section of the Danube forms the western border of Central Transdanubia providing opportunity for fishing, kayaking and canoeing.


Wine Regions in central Transdanubia

Somló Wine Region

You can discover the Hungary's smallest wine region on four wine tours each leading you to Somló Castle: St Margaret Wine Tour, St Ilona Wine Tour, Hegykút Wine Tour and St Martin Wine tour.

Only white grape varieties are grown on the volcanic slopes: furmint, hárslevelű (linden-leaf) , juhfark, traminer.

In the House of Somló Wines (Somlói Borok Háza) in Somlóvásárhely you can learn about the history and characteristics of Somló wines.

The most famous wine of Somló is the wine of wedding nights: according to the story the Habsburg royal family loved wines from this region because drinking a glass of Somló wine on the wedding night ensured a male heir and protected manhood.


Lying northwest of Budapest on the slopes of the Gerecse Hill and bordered by the Danube this wine region has a special climate favourable to produce excellent whites.

Main grape varieties grown here are: Chardonnay, Olaszrizling, Sauvignon Blanc and Királyleányka.

Cserszegi Fűszeres an original Hungarian variety (Hungaricum) was awarded White Wine of the Year in the Great Britain in 1998.


The area lies between the Vértes and Bakony Hills. A national variety called Ezerjó, now a Hungaricum, is the most famous wine produced in this region.

This highly acidic white wine is best enjoyed after at least two years of the harvest. On the St. George Week's Cheerfulness festival in April you can taste local dishes and wines, enjoy concerts and dance performances.

Although pálinka (traditional Hungarian fruit brandy) is much stronger than wine try Agárdi pálinka (Agárd is a town at Lake Velence) made from falvourful Hungarian fruits: apricot, sour cherry, plum.



Soup Bakonyi Style


Mushroom, wild duck and other game living in the forrests make Hungarian cooking in the Central Transdanubian region uniquely varied.In restaurants in and around the Bakony Hills you're likely to find dishes made in Bakony-style, with mushrooms and sour cream, including soups and main dishes.

Around the Danube you must try Fishermen's soup. At Székesfehérvár's roasted duck quarter is the local delicacy.

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Major Events in Central Transdanubia

  • Festival of Waters and Flowers in Tata in June:

    medieval tournament, fishing competition, boat race, concerts

  • Beethoven concerts by the small pond in the park at Brunszvik Palace in Martonvásár. Beethoven visited the Brunszvik family twice and completed the Sonata Apassionata her in 1806. The Beethoven Museum is dedicated to the famous composer.


 Brunszvik Castle Martonvasar

  • Valley of Arts in Kapolcs 27th July-5th August 2007

  • Summer at Csesznek Castle: every summer a range open air programs make your stay even more enjoyable at the romantic fortress ruins:
    • medieval tournament
    • íjász competition
    • concerts

  • Gizella Days in Veszprém 4th-6th May 2007

  • Veszprém Arts Festival at the beginning of August

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