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Danube Bend in HungaryScenic Cities, Stunning Vista

The Danube bend, just north of Budapest, is perfect for daytrips for those who want to see more of Hungary outside its capital. The area is a favourite recreational destination of Hungarians too.

Why is it called Danube bend? If you take a look at a map of Hungary you see that between Esztergom and Szentendre the river turns sharply south in the direction of Budapest.

The wooded hills of Pilis, Visegrád and Börzsöny together, with the meandering Danube create a wonderful landscape that became nature lovers' paradise.

Danube ebnd

Getting to the Danube bend: a boat tour guarantees the best panoramic views of the river and the surrounding hills. Mahart Passnave operates regular boat tours to the area.


Map of the Danube Bend

Three Must See Towns
Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom


Travelling up on the Danube by boat you can visit three towns all with unique atmosphere and sights. They're like small pearls on a blue string, the Danube.

The more adventurous can get to these cities by car, by coach or by train. To Szentendre you can also take the suburban railway from Budapest from Batthyány Square.
See more details about getting there on the individual web pages about each city.

Szentendre is the nearest to Budapest, Esztergom is a bit farther form the capital. Between the two lies Visegrád.

If you have more than just a few days to expore the neighbourhood of Budapest here are some places that are worth visiting and are less touristy:


Tip: The terraced thermal pools at the open-air beach at Lepence-Visegrád offer a uniqe combination of recreation: a bath with a view

Opposite Visegrád lies Nagymaros on the left bank of the Danube. A ferry service operates between the two towns. Go for a pleasant walk on the Danube shore and let the breeze refreshen you explore the village and admire its well-kept houses and gardens.

Tip: enjoy the amazing view from the Julianus lookout on a nearly 500 m high hill top (Hegyestető)


Danube Bend


The Baroque Vác on the left bank of the Danube is one of the oldest towns of Hungary.


Vác Hungary

Major places of interests in Vác are

  • the Cathedral built in the 18th century in neo-Classic, late-Baroque style,
  • the Pointed Tower a turret of the medieval town wall,
  • historic buildings at Március 15 Square

Tahitótfalu and Leányfalu villages are a few km north of Szentendre (main road No.11 by car). Leányfalu was declared a holiday resort in 1936. Famous Hungarian writers (Zsigmond Móricz) and artists had the first villas here. Have a dip in the thermal pools at the beach. Tahitótfalu lies on the Szentendre Island at the rifght bank of the Danube.


A combiantion of river valleys, hills, and flat areas make the Duna-Ipoly National Park a diverse landscape. The park lies north and south of an imaginary line between Esztergom and Vác. The protected site provide habitat for a variety of plants and animals. You can explore the park on hiking routes.


The Etyek-Budai wine region is the nearest to Budapest lying on the southern slopes of the Vértes Hills. White varieties (Chardonnay, Királyleányka, sauvignon Blanc) are dominant in this region too, though some wine makers started to experiment with reds, too.


Tip: take a ride with your kids on the Börzsöny Hill's Children Railway. The narrow gauge, steam powered train departs from Kismaros and it usualyl operates form May to September. The stop at Királyrét is a perfect starting point go for hiking on the Börzsöny hills.


Regions Nearby the Danube Bend

Lake Balaton

Northern Hungary

Central Transdanubia


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More Danube Bend


Visegrád fortress

Basilica Esztergom



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