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Cradle of Hungary

The small town of Esztergom sitting on the Danube bank in Hungary played an important role in the establishment of the Hungarian state 1000 years ago. As a royal seat fro two centuries and as a center for the Roman Catholic religion for 1000 years it abounds Esztergom historic and cultural sights.

If you arrive on the Danube from the direction of the Danube bend the spectacular view of the domed Basilica perched on a hilltop reflects in the water.

View of the Basilica in Esztergom

Map of Esztergom
Programs in Esztergom
Nearby Attractions

Map of Esztergom

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Sights in Esztergom

The Basilica

Hungary's largest church is the symbol of Esztergom. The building's imposing sizes (Height: 100 m, the inner diameter of the cuopla: 33,5 m) make you feel a dwarf.

Entrance to the Basilica in Esztergom

22 m high columns hold the tympan stretching above the entrance to the Basilica in Esztergom

Inside you'll find the world's largest altar-piece (size: 13 X 6,5 m) made by Grigoletto was painted on a single canvas picturing the ascension of Madonna. Organ and choir concerts attract many visitors inside the cool interior.

Ceiling Fresco of the basilica in Esztergom

The Bakócz chapel (Bakócz-kápolna) on the southern side of the basilica is the most precious relic of Hungarian Renaissance.

Italian masters built the chapel from red marble for Tamás Bakócz archbishop in 1506-07. Its altar is made from Carrarre marble. The chapel used to stay more to the south was taken into 1600 pieces and rebuilt inside the Basilica in 1823.

Admission to the Basilica is free.

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The crypt built in ancient Egyptian style is the burial place of archbishops of Esztergom, including József Mindszenty (....) martyr of the 1956 revolution.

The stairs to the right of the main altar lead you to the Treasury displaying some extraordinary pieces of goldsmith's art. The oldest item of the exceptional collection is an oval mountain crystal made in the 9th century AD showing a scene from the Stations of the Cross. The other remarkable piece is the beautiful gothic Suki goblet. Ornamental chasubels with artful embroidery, Flemish laceworks testify the talents of medieval textile makers.

Opening Hours-Treasury

1st March-31st OCtober
9.00-16.30 every day
1st November- 31st December
Tue-Fri: 11.00-15.30, Sat-Sun: 10.00-15.30
Jan-Feb, 24th-25th Dec, Good Fri, Holy Sat

Admission - Treasury
: 500 HUF/adult, 250/students, pensioners, children.

If you feel up toit climb up to the cupola to admire the breathtaking view (open: 9.00-16.30 daily, admisison: 200 HUF)

The late-Roman-early-Gothic royal castle chapel from the 12th century has period fresco remains.

The royal palace of the kings from hte House of Árpád in the Castle Museum (Vármúzeum, opening hours: 1st Apr-31st Oct: 10.00-18.00, 1st Nov-1st Apr: 10.00-16.00, closed on Mondays, free admission) takes you back to the era of the foundation of the Hungarian state and to the early middle ages.

Stepping out the cool and dim interior of the basilica admire the view of the Danube and the Maria Valeria Bridge (destroyed in 1945 and reconstructed in 2001) connecting Esztergom with Párkány (Sturovo) in Slovakia.

Maria Valéria Bridge between Esztergom and Párkány

The imposing bridge connecting Esztergom and Párkány (Sturovo) in Slovakia

Tip: Take a ride on a narrow-gauge railway to explore the sights of Esztergom. Kids will love it!

Sightseeing in Esztergom

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Víziváros (Watertown)

Between the Danube and the hill stretches the Baroque cityscape of Watertown (Víziváros) with its two-towered church dominates the vista.

View of Víziváros in esztergom

The Keresztény Museum (Christian Museum, opening hours: 12nd March-28th Oct: Tue-Sun: 10.00-18.00, 30th Oct-1st Jan: 11.00-15.00, admission: 600 HUF/adult, 300/students, pensioners) operates on the 2nd floor of the neo-Renaissance Primates' Palace (Prímási Palota) on Mindszenty Square. The museum's rich collection includes paintings by Renaissance Italian masters.

Promenade along the Small Danube in Esztergom

A walk on the promenade along the small Danube (Kis Duna) under the shades of stately plane trees is very tempting and romantic

Walk along the bank of the Kis-Duna (Small Danube) to enter downtown Esztergom where the Széchenyi Square (Széchenyi tér) flanked by civil manisons from the 18-19. centuries welcomes you with a quaint yet elegant atmosphere.

The imposing Town Hall was the hous of the Bottyán Vak the legendary general of the Rákóczi war of independence (1703-11).

Town Hall in Esztergom

Take your time and explore the streets leading off Széchenyi Square where almost every building witnessed eminent events and exude historic ambience.

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Take Liszt Ferenc and Batthyány streets to climb up Szent Tamás hill (St Tamás Hill) and to enjoy a really stunning vista.

You're going to pass by a famous library, the Bibliotheca (Főszékesegyházi Könyvtár) that possesses one of Hungary's oldest book collections, consisiting of 250,000 volumes including antique codexes and ancient prints.

Szent Tamás Hill Esztergom Hungary


Take a rest in one of the lovely inns and pansions at the foot of the hill (see below the list of restaurants)

Programs in Esztergom

Summer is the busiest season in Esztergom starting with Gizella Days at the beginning of May and followed by the Withsun Market.

Performances in the Castle Theatre and concerts in the Basilica provide for cultural entertainment.

The Esztergom Summer Festival (30th July-20th August 2007) oofers a range of concerts including jazz and classical music.

Summer says good bye to Esztergom with events organized to the memory of Hungary's first king, St Stephen around 20th August.

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Where to Eat in Esztergom?

Prímás Pince Restaurant
Address: Szent István tér 4.,
Tel: (+36 33) 313 495

Offers Hungarian and International dishes in a cellar system evoking medieval atmosphere under the Basilica.

Csülök Csárda
Address: Batthyány utca 9.
Tel: (+36 33) 412 420

besides their speciality, the roasted pork trotter, you can select from a range of fish, poultry and vegetarian dishe. Soups: 700-800 HUF, main dishes: 1800-2600 HUF, a mug of draft beer: 450-550 HUF

Padlizsán Restaurant
Address: Pázmány Péter utca 21., in the historic Watertown (Víziváros)
Tel: (+36 33) 311 212

From its Mediterranean style patio you can admire the view of the Castle. Try their free-course lunch offer.

Mélytányér Inn
Address: Pázmány Péter utca, Watertown
Tel: (+36 33) 315 002

This homely inn situated in a Baroque street has simple, tasty dishes. Soups: 500-900 HUF, main dishes: 1500-2700 HUF, a mug of beer: 400 HUF

Restaurant in Esztergom


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Attractions Nearby Esztergom

Walk up to the Vaskapu tourist lodge at 403 m altitude where the dazzling panorama will make up for your effort.

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