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Visegrad, Hungary

You can get to Visegrád- situated halfway between Szentendre and Esztergom - on the No. 11 main road or on a scenic route by boat on the Danube.
Many tourist trails cut trough Visegrád and and another great option is getting there by bike though you need to be in good shape to pedal up all those hills.

But once you're up your efforts will be rewarded with unforgettable view of the mighty Danube, the green hills and the quiet vilalges down.


Danube Bend at Visegrád


Map of Visegrád
Citadell & the Royal Palace
Sibrik Hill
Hiking, Adventure Sports
Restaurants in Visegrád
Events in Visegrád
Nearby Attractions 

Map of Visegrád and its Neighbourhood

Visegrád is 40 km north of Budapest, where the Danube meanders though the Börzsöny and Visegrád hills with a sharp turn.


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Attractions in Visegrad

A little bit of history

Due to its favourable location with the Danube and the rocky hills Visegrád played important strategic role in the lives of the Celts, Avars, Romans then in that of the Hungarians. The Romans built a fortress here during the reign of Constantine the Great which became a significant part of the limes along the line of the Danube. Remains of a watchtower at Szentgyörgypuszta and the ruins of a fortress at Gizella manor remind us of this long gone times.

Visegrád meaning high fortress was first referred to in latin documents in 1009. The Mongols destroyed the the first fortress during their raids in 1241-42.

After they left Hungary King Béla IV (1235-1270) built the current fortress.

Visegrád Fortress

You can approach the fortress on numerous routes winding along the hill

The Citadell (Fellegvár) and the Royal Palace

The Citadell part of the fortress is perched high on the top of the hill underneath it lies the Lower Castle while the Water bastion (Vízibástya) stands on the Danube bank. Visegrád gained international importance during the Anjous kings (1308-1387).

Visegrád Fortress
Visegrád Fortress (Citadella)

Charles Robert started to built its royal palace in 1320 in the area near the Danube bank which became his and his court's favourite residence.

Visegrád hosted the famous Royal Summit in 1335 when Charles Robert King of Hungary, John of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia; Casimir III, King of Poland; Charles, the Moravian Marquis; Heinrich Wittelsbach, the Bavarian Prince, and Rudolph, the Saxon Prince made an agreement to protect the participating countires' financial and commercial independence from Vienna and from the Western countries.

Royal Palace in Visegrád

The glory days of Visegrád continued under the rule of Louis the Great (son of Robert the Charles), under whom the palace's current layout was formed.

King Sigismund form the Luxembourg House () enlarged the former palace building and added more courtyards and gardens.

The northeastern wing of the royal palace


Many came to admire the magnificent Renaissance palace of King Matthias (1458-1490).

Matthias extended the palace with the courtyard on the 2nd terrace in the middle of which stood the Hercules well (Herkules kú) with the coat of arms of the King Matthias on its side.

Hercules Well Visegrad Palace
Visegrád Castle (Visegrádi Palota)

Hercules well made by Giovanni Dalmata durig the reign of King Matthias
(it's exhibited in the King Matthias Museum).

Visegrad castle
Visegrad castle Wall Fountain

The above wall fountain adored the queen's so-called Lion-courtyard (Oroszlános udvar)

A chapel with gilded wooden ceiling stood on the the 3rd terrace of the palace .

On the 4th terrace stretched the private garden of King Matthias and his wife Beatrix. Here you can see the replica of the Lion well (Oroszlános kút)

The Turks put an end to Visegrád's heyday in 1543 when most of the 350-room palace and the town were destroyed.

The town started to flourish again after the Compromise between Hungary and Austria in 1867. After steam ship traffic begun on the Danube Visegrád became a more and more popular holiday and excursion spot until this day.

Solomon Tower Visegrád (Salamon torony)
Visegrad Salamon Torony (Solomon Tower)

The hexagonal Solomon Tower (Salamon torony)was built in 1258. Vlad Tepes aka Dracula was imprisoned here between 1462-74.

The tower houses the King Matthias Museum (Mátyás Király Múzeum, opening hours: 1st May-30th Sep. Tue-Sun: 9.00-17.00). Permanent exhibitions are free.

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Sibrik Hill - Roman Military Camp (Pone Navata)

The fortress built in around 330 under the reign of Constantin the Great was destroyed in the migration era. King Stephen, Hungary's first king established a bailiff center with a church using the remains of the Roman fortress.

Sibrik Hill Visegrad

Adventure Sports, Hiking

Behind the castle hill a fanatstic excursion center has developed in recent years. on Nagy-Villám and on Mogyoró Hills

If you long for some excitement try one of the adventure activities:

Fun Extreme Canopy Visegrád
Summer Bob Sleighing on Mogyoró Hill, Visegrád

Fun Extreme Canopy
Hungary's 1st summer bob-sleighing course on Mogyoró Hill (Mogyoró-hegy)

Game reserve, Forest cultural centre (Erdei Művelődés Háza) provide enetertainment for families.

Go for hiking on one of the numerous hiking trails meandering through the Pilis Hills. At the Magda spring on the Telgarth meadow you can make fire for outdoor cooking.

Take a walk along the Apátkút stream (Apátkúti völgy) where you'll find fishing pond, natural spings, playgrounds and a small arboretum in the valley. The Ördögmalom waterfall is another natural attraction of the valley.

Where to Eat in Visegrád?

The Pilis hills abound in game so Visegrád is a perfect place to try game dishes in the town's restaurants.

Nagyvillám Restaurant

Location: on the top of the Fekete Hill, behind the forest next to the Hotel Silvanus and the road leading to the parking area of the bob sleighing course
Tel: (+36) 26 398 070

Enjoy delights of Mediterranean cuisine and the breathtaking view. Outddor grill parties during summer.

Mogyoróhegy Restaurant

On top of the Mogyoró Hill enjoy good, homely food and the wonderful vista.

Fekete Holló Restaurant

Address: Rév utca 12., Visegrád
Tel: +36 26 397 289

Renaissance Restaurant

Address: Fő utca 11., in the town centre

Its interior, the staff's costumes and the the dishes served in earthenware revive the atmosphere of medieval times.

Renaissance Restaurant Visegrád

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Events in Visegrád

International Palace Games
6th-7th July 2007

International Palace games Visegrád

Knights in period costumes perform castle tournaments. Medieval fair, crafting, dance shows will entertain visitors.


Cellar Man Commencement 1st September 2007

Visegrád welcomes autumn with a colourful celalr man commencement celebration.

Attractions Nearby Visegrád

Lepence Beach- Bath with a View

At the site of the former beach a spa complex and aquapark will be built.
This is how Lepence beach once looked like:

Lepence Beach Visegrád

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